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People are always been the reason for me to travel.

Yes, you might go to see the historical sights, yes you might travel to enjoy the beach, yes you might want to do the sightseeing – but if you do not have the right interactions with the people you would never enjoy your travels – you are another individual just “been there”.

People are key, and if you do not understand how these people live, what are their motives to wake up every day, and what defines their happiness – you are missing a big takeaway from those countries.

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Iran where you will be treated like a king, where you can taste Persian culture, where you will pay a fair amount for everything like a local. Also welcome to the oldest history, stunning Islamic architecture, bustling markets, and land of artists.

This is another country in the Middle East been sacrificed by the media with negative news. When people hear about my Iran trip has the same reaction. “Isn’t it dangerous?” “Are you sure?” Every traveler I talk to in Iran tells me the same thing.

You would be surprised as much as me by how modern is Iran and how well organized the public transportation and how clean are the streets. The hospitality of the people is unavoidable – even tho I do not look like a foreigner here at first look, as soon as I pick up the camera you can see the curiosity and smiles of the locals. 

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The last time when I was in Pakistan was June 2021. After the Central Asia trip, I went to Pakistan for the first time and totally fell in love with the hospitality of the people. During that period I had a corporate full-time job, and I have been requested to be at the office in the next few days. Unfortunately, it was just a week I was in Pakistan, so I had no choice but to explore the country as much as I can during a short period of time. So I missed the major places and the mountain beauties.

This time I was more than ready to explore, and I knew exactly what to expect. Nothing changed in the country since last June, people were still lovely & welcoming, and the beautiful culture was there. Only 1 thing was different and it was about me, I was freer than ever with more creative ideas and energy to soak in all the love Pakistanis have to offer. 

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Waking up at 5 am is not always easy, but when you know you are gonna experience something amazing in the morning, then you cannot even sleep. It was one of these special days in India, waking up early to catch the sunrise in Agra where 400 years old beauty starts to show itself slowly with the kiss of sunshine.

Being super early, and in fact, being one of the first people to enter the sight gives you the opportunity to experience the place with no people and only with the sound of birds.

A power of 22,000 people, 1000 elephants, and most important the love of Shah Jahan for his favorite wife made this unique architecture come alive. The Taj Mahal is a combination of Islamic, Persian, and Indian styles which is also called Mughal Architecture. 

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka feels like a paradise since the first few days. Waking up early and enjoying the sounds of nature, and seeing monkeys & peacocks by the garden is incredible.

Before arriving here all I wanted to do is to escape the winter but now this island makes me fall in love with the summer again in January. 

I have never been a winter person, so being able to swim every day, learn to surf, eat good food and enjoy the kindness of locals is such a blessing.


Another country in the Middle East has been famous in news headlines with unfortunate events for the past decade. Visiting Syria has been on my list for a while and definitely, it is not an easy country to travel to but much easier than before.
80% of the country is safe to travel in even tho you come across many checkpoints but it is more for everyone’s safety than signs of unsafely. In order to get to the country I had to have a guide with me for the whole stay, and that is something that makes the trip more expensive – but it does make your stay more comfortable by wandering around with the local person. 
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Imagine being able to touch the history. Imagine feeling like being inside the movie scene. Imagine feeling all of the vestiges of this treasure of ancient civilization.

This was me in Petra – I spent countless hours imagining what life was like thousands of years ago in this magical place. Breathing the air in and staring at the walls while my mouth stayed open and occasionally saying “wow”

Petra was my first Wonder Of The World and the whole experience was incredible. Waking up at 5:30 am and being at the doors of Petra to experience the historic site without people was one of the best decisions I have made. 

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Out of all the Silk Road countries I have been to, Uzbekistan’s architecture stays unbeatable and in some cases not even comparable. Once you visit Samarkand, you will remember every single moment as a sweet fair tail. Every attraction sight has two sides, the one you have to see with daylight, and the second side can be undiscovered during the night with colorful artificial lights and pleasant Uzbek songs in the background.

Of course, Uzbekistan is not just about architecture, you can also spend time with locals and Uzbeks are some of the friendliest people in Central Asia. Smiling faces also make this country one of the safest countries in the region. No, I am not just saying it from my bearded man’s perspective but also from a solo female perspective.

Within two weeks, you can easily see the whole country and make some fantastic memories. Here are the main cities which are well connected with public transportation: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and Nukus. 

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If you ask me for just one picture from Kyrgyzstan – it would be this one! The picture summarizes the Kyrgyz lifestyle and values. The horses take a very big part of the responsibility to live in the mountains. The Yurds is the ultimate home for the Kyrgyz people to survive from cold in the winter and in the summer heat. And of course breathtaking landscapes and mountains in the background.

Kyrgyzstan has been such an amazing adventure with beautiful soul people, delicious food, affordable prices, and amazing views that kept me saying: “wow“!